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Nice of you to drop by. There is a lot to explore on the site. From stories, to training materials, free resources, and much more. Have fun exploring. Members also receive monthly newsletters with updates and insight into new features. Join the community to learn and grow. Drop in a chat message to share your thoughts or send an email for any questions.  Happy browsing...

Yours Truly

Its been a long journey from India to UK via a lot of other places. I also have 22 years of work experience working with and for Fortune 500 companies. A crazy family, loving parents, and amazing friends are some of the treasures I hold dear. At work I wear a lot of hats - leader, strategist, program manager, process improvement expert, communication-design-PR specialist, coach/mentor, and IT professional extraordinaire. When taking a breather, I am a freelance content writer, graphics designer, and business consultant. With an industry footprint across Automobiles, Banking, Telecommunication, NGOs,  Hospitality and Tourism, IT, ITES, Supply Chain, e-Commerce, and  Media, I bring both depth of knowledge and range of problem solving experience to the table.

This website is both a portfolio and a resource base for others. All the resources are FREE. No hidden costs or fine print. Do use and share them. Please do not plagiarize and acknowledge always. The aim is to give back to the community.  If you would like to  give feedback or discuss collaborations, do email me.

Chat is also an option through the website. I respond within 24-hours. Would love to hear from you.

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