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From My Desk



There are quite a few tomes to check out. The content is updated regularly. Few books are in the works. I have also contributed to other publications as well. I write about a variety of subjects - focusing on food (...a lot...), travel and  traditions. These books are available on Amazon. Some are  part of Kindle Unlimited as well.


Short Stories

This is a collection of short stories drawn from my life experiences. From power cuts to work place intrigue to pet shenanigans, its a wild ride. A sprinkling of divine intervention is also added. One can never be too careful. An eccentric life is laid bare. Its dry, funny, and irreverent. Be kind, my friend!


Sticky notes

Notes that matter. A daily reminder of important things. Observations. Some things known, others familiar, a whole lot brand new. It is a life that is being lived. Lessons learnt. Memories. Success and failure. Raw emotions. Intentional living. Making the most of things. Making things happen. Making it count.



The end of the day is a time to step back and evaluate. Reflection is a great learning  tool. It also offers another creative outlet. Free flowing verses are fun to write and read. They also serve as a great milestone. Its nice to revisit these thoughts and assess how far I have come. A great yardstick for personal growth. 

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